Collapse of Build Back Better

Philip Timmons

So.  What all was lost with the crash of Build Back Better?

Asking the net results of: 

+ Infrastructure Bill 
- (minus) Build Back Better = (?)

as far as Renewable, Energy, Transportation, Electricity, etc.

Thanks, Phil.  

Paul Westbrook

The main things collapsing are the ice sheets and a stable climate.

The infrastructure bill addressed a few things:
- public transportation: can lower car emissions
- railways: can lower car and material transport emissions
- power grids: new renewable transmission and grid robustness
- EV charging stations - big increase
- Environmental remediation of old fossil fuel and industrial pollution
- Transportation safety: improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists

BBB (in most recent reduced version):
- efficiency: expanded and enhanced tax credits and rebates for home energy efficiency and appliance efficiency
- solar/wind/renewable energy - tax credit goes back to 30% and extends more years; ITC and PTC improvements for big wind/solar
- EV: greatly increased EV tax credit (as high as $12,500) and eBike tax credits
- Renewable manufacturing: increased US production of solar, wind, and other clean energy systems; decarbonization investment in other manufacturing
- Climate: port electrification and lower emission buses and trucks
- Civilian Climate Corps creation
- Agriculture: improve ecosystem conservation and reduce ag impacts on climate
- Nature: increased funding for the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management

Many other good programs, but I focused on the energy/climate issues in the list above.