The Dunkelflaute Problem

Jim Duncan

Solar panels and wind turbines are great, so long as the sun shines and the wind blows. But what if they do not? Well, then we store the energy. But how?In this video I explain how high the risk of a cold dark, and windless period is -- the "cold Dunkelflaute", and what energy storage we need for intermittent renewables.

Jim Duncan
Solar Acres Farm

Jack Smith

Thanks Jim.

Ms. Hossenfelder has a whole series of climate related videos I encourage everyone to check out.


There is a new battery being developed made with carbon & oxygen. Ever since I connected my first solar panel to my house back in 2012 I have been searching for the fabled holy grail of energy storage, the $20/KWh battery that has high round trip efficiency and can be cycled thousands time with minimal loss in capacity or duration.

"Noon Energy uses readily available precursors to deliver more than 100 hours of capacity with the highest energy density among storage technologies today – at one-tenth the cost of lithium-ion batteries for long-duration storage. That uniquely high density means a compact footprint three times smaller than today’s lithium-ion batteries."