job opportunity - TxETRA 1/2 Position Available in DFW Area for regional Electric Transportation Compact in Dallas/Fort Worth


Please, forward to those who may be interested in and qualified for this job, or apply yourself if it's a good fit for your skills and background. 

Based on my experience and efforts to get local transportation managers interested in moving beyond the fossil fueled status quo, the person who is most likely to be successful will have a positive, can-do attitude, friendly persistence, and be well-informed on the many EV opportunities and benefits, etc.. 

See forwarded email from Laura Morrison of TxETRA, below, and instead of attaching the job description PDF, I've included a link to it here

I look forward to having this regional Electric Transportation Compact in Dallas/Fort Worth to help coordinate, grow and move forward critical, urgent and transformative change from dirty fossil fueled transportation to clean, electric transportation. 

Molly Rooke

TxETRA has received funding to replicate our Austin/San Antonio regional  "Electric Transportation Compact" project in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and we are looking for someone to work with us in implementing/managing that effort.

If you have ideas of possible candidates or could pass it on to those who might, I'd appreciate it.

The project aims to pull together governmental entities, large employers, universities and ISDs, utilities etc to focus on decreasing transportation-related emissions. This involves electrifying fleets, workplace charging and employee access and adoption of EVs for commuters, telecommuting, and other mobility alternatives.

I've attached a job description. This is a half time position and ideally the candidate would be connected in the DFW area.

Thank you for your help in getting word out, and please let me know if you have ideas of candidates I might reach out to.


Laura Morrison
Executive Director
Texas Electric Transportation Resources Alliance (TxETRA) Education Fund
(512) 608-5546

Laura Morrison