Dallas CECAP Draft: Intro and General


The Dallas Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan draft is available for download in an online forum for public comment and response by Dallas staff and others.

Per committee presentations (references below) the review period is Feb 3 - March 3.  Staff hopes for council (committee?)  review of the full draft plan on April 6, in time for adoption of a Climate Resolution and the plan on Earth Day April 22 and launch at EarthX April 23 – 26.


For background including a presentation (which downloads as a pdf) on “CECAP: Protecting Water Resources and Communities from Flood & Drought”, see the Jan 6, 2020 environment and Sustainability Committee meeting agenda.

For background including a pdf presentation on “CECAP: Resilient and Energy Efficient Buildings powered by Sustainable, Renewable, Energy”, see the Feb 3, 2020 Environment and Sustainability Committee meeting agenda (which also contains an excellent related presentation on “Green Buildings, Sustainable Building Strategies in Dallas”).

A presentation on “Urban Agriculture/ Zero Waste” is planned for the same committee March 2.

Agendas and meeting descriptions are available online.  Click on “Date: This Month” for a pulldown to select “2020” to see more than the current month:


Recordings of these meetings:


If discussions are grouped around topics (subject lines in email) following the forum sections (which appear to be aligned with the draft appendix C goals) it will (in my opinion) be easier to find them later (on the groups.io website).  This table also suggests potential Output and Outcome metrics, which might be a good way to frame comments.

- Buildings (3 subsections)
- Energy (3 subsections)
- Transportation (4 subsections)
- Solid Waste (3 subsections)
- Water Resources (3 subsections)
- Ecosystems/Green Spaces (3 subsections)
- Urban Agriculture (3 subsections)
- Air Quality (1 subsections)