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Dan Lepinski, P.E.

Yes. February 8.

Apologies for the error. Still figuring out the new software.


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February 8, right?


please excuse any typographical errors.

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[] February 8 Meeting Reminder


*When:* Saturday, March 14, 2020



*Topic:*"The Impact of Methane on Our Climate & What We Can Do About It."

*NTREG Meeting, Saturday, February 8, 2020*

* *

Robert Lagerblad


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*Subject:* [] February 8 Meeting Reminder


Solar energy systems help reduce our consumption of commercial utility power.  Much of our commercial utility power is generated by burning natural gas and coal, which produces carbon dioxide and other gases.
How does "methane" fit into the picture?  Where does it come from?  What are the effects of methane on our atmosphere and climate?
Our  February meeting will answer these and other questions.
*What:* NTREG Monthly Meeting
*When:* Saturday, March 14, 2020
*Time:* 10:00 am - 12:00 noon
*Where:* Midway Hills Christian Church, 11001 Midway Road, Dallas, Texas. (Map on our website.)
Our meetings are held in the Fellowship Hall (accessible through the church main entry or from the rear parking area).
*Topic:* "The Impact of Methane on Our Climate & What We Can Do About It."
*Presenter:* Sharon Wilson, Senior Organizer with Earthworks.
*About Our Presenter:*
Sharon is a leading citizen expert in the Texas Barnett Shale, and a top "go-to" person for information. She's been sought out by top EPA officials, national news networks, and national environmental organizations for information and assistance.
A Texas native, Sharon was born and grew up in Fort Worth, where, as she describes it .. "she grew up hauling hay, fixing fence, riding the tractor with her grandfather, and slipped away whenever she could to ride whichever horse got close enough to catch."   She worked for 12 years in the oil and gas industry, where she witnessed first-hand the environmental and public health impacts associated with the industry. She has briefed NATO Parliamentary Assembly, EPA regulators and even former Administrator Gina McCarthy on the impacts of oil and gas extraction.
In 2014, Sharon became a certified optical gas imaging thermographer and now travels across the U.S. making visible the invisible methane pollution from oil and gas facilities.
NTREG meetings are free and open to the public! Everyone welcome!
For more information about our February 8 meeting and other upcoming activities, visit our website and click on "Near-Term Events" and "Calendar" at the top right of the main page.

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