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Philip Timmons

Maybe post a 1-Line of what you are trying to do?  
Probably someone will poke holes in it.   
Sort of what we do.  

Since you are sort of rolling your own, and off-grid, and are being cheap -- have you considered running a DC based system?   
You are not obliged to run ALL Solar PV output through an inverter.  
Just pondering. 

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, 10:55:17 PM CDT, short2001 <short2001@...> wrote:

I'm not looking for a walk-through of the way many have done this in the past.  This system would be too large.  50kw or so and need 200-300kwh of batteries.  Even buying wrecked EV batteries this system is too expensive and the wrong approach in my opinion.

I want to do more AC coupling of batteryless solar inverters during day and a small reasonable sized off-grid at night and do some intelligent load balancing to minimize nighttime loads.  Like the EV chargers would use MQTT protocol to watch production and adjust based on that.  I have the chargers to do that now.  

For that matter, with a firmware change to a grid-tie inverter they have all the electronic pieces to run off-grid but right now all their power must the consumed but that is just a software problem.  The grid-tie inverters could choose to drop mpp algorithm as the driver of output in an AC high voltage case and let the DC side float high instead and just maintain the AC voltage.

Yes, you are not maximizing solar output but that is nothing new to off-grid.  Sometimes you throw away power because you don't need it then or have storage remaining.

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You won't find anyone who will 'walk thru' the process of designing a fully off-grid solar PV system. You can probably count on one hand the people in Texas that understand and are experienced in the process. Good luck regardless...

Jim Duncan
Solar Acres Farm
On 5/21/2022 6:09 PM, short2001 wrote:
I don't believe a suitable agreement is possible at the state or federal levels and I would like to take all my power offgrid but every way I run the numbers I haven't been able to afford it.  I'm looking for one or two people that understand offgrid and all the equipment that is out there to walk through the configuration and see if they can come up with a better plan than I already have.  I do all my own work so looking for people of like mind.  We can talk on phone or whatever.

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