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Philip Timmons

Yes.  That is pretty much what I am talking about -- but it seems the "Electricity Only" thing that Saul Griffith (etc.) are promoting do not even understand how well and how cheap these are?  

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Philip, You may recall that 4-tracker install near Glen Rose back in 2006 you worked on with me. The owner put 2 solar DHW panels on the greenhouse adjacent to the inverter room for a radiant heat floor of the green house side. There was plenty of heat but being south-facing the system was hardly run at all. It was a drainback system but the fluid eventually broke down like they tend to do over time when they overheat. Otherwise it  did keep the room warm and steamy.....Jim

Jim Duncan
Solar Acres Farm
On 4/30/2022 10:29 AM, Philip Timmons via wrote:
Has the general consensus become that Thermal (Solar) Collectors are not worth the time / effort? 

Asking for both Water and Concrete Floor Heat.


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To help progress the discussion about heat pump water heaters, I'm forwarding an email from the Advanced Water Heating Initiative.  Their email includes links to great information, including the numerous models that are available, or soon will be, rebates that may be available, etc. 


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Hello Mark,

Thank you for getting in touch and for your interest in Heat Pump Water Heaters. Together we can move to more efficient water heating, save energy and the environment.


Below, you'll find information on heat pump water heaters.



As AWHI learns of new products coming to market, we will keep you updated via occasional emails. More details about existing HPWH products are available online:   

Thanks again for getting in touch and good luck on your heat pump water heater projects!



AWHI is a member-funded collaborative of building owners, utilities, federal agencies, state and local governments, manufacturers, engineers, installers, advocates, researchers, and building industry professionals from across the U.S.   Our mission is to make HPWHs universal in every home and business.  

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