Re: Solar Pergola - question: anyone know a way of making them watertight?

Philip Timmons

Do your intended panels/modules have a frame, or no?  

Do you have a spec sheet on any of the panels you are considering?  

Probably a pdf link is best.  

On Thursday, April 28, 2022, 08:11:49 PM CDT, tom.chentnik@... <tom.chentnik@...> wrote:

I've scoured the internet and found mostly discontinued product or stuff on websites for Chinese companies that I am reticent to consider in search of a good way to make a roof to a pergola made from clear bi-facial solar panels that also prevents water from coming through.  Does anyone have experience with this or know of a product or method that works?

This is a great and visually appealing way for a homeowner to install solar when maybe their roof isnt suited to it and can be tax advantaged as well.

Thanks in advance for any commentary.

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