International Green Construction Code IgCC Promotion Resources Questions


Assuming that this worthwhile in the pursuit of Energy Efficiency (and Solar Energy along with it) does anyone know of:

1) References showing which states or other jurisdictions have adopted the 2018 or 2021 IgCC in whole or in part, and

2) References useful for promoting adoption? This would include educational resources, especially regarding the 2021 IgCC.

Here in North Central TX (Dallas Fort Worth metroplex) we have a Regional Codes Coordinating Committee that does an annual survey of local jurisdictions and reviews ICC codes and makes recommendations for regional amendments for the major code revision cycles.

They haven’t found any large local cities other than Dallas that has adopted the IgCC at least in part, so it is hard for them to justify the (all volunteer) effort to include the IgCC in their code reviews.

2018 IgCC reference to start with:

Code adoption surveys website:


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