NTREG Presentation

GLEN D Suhren


First thank you for excellent presentation at the recent NTREG meeting about the Feb 2021 freeze.  I was alarmed too about what and how the disaster unfolded.  Thanks to ERCOT for saving us from a complete shutdown and then a BLACK STRART.  My frustration led to letter to my state representative, Angie Button.  The letter is attached.  I never got a reply.


Several things  you said impacted me.  First the changes made were not made to benefit the consumer or citizen but benefit mostly the producers.  Secondly we as citizens have to say something.  Lastly, we have to hold the politicians who put as in this position accountable.


For me a another point is releiablily has to be number 1, way ahead of profits.  Today people died without electricity.


Again thanks for your effort to make a complex system more understandable.  Keep up to good fight.




Glen Suhren


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