Re: Toyota EV Strategy

Philip Timmons

This is not so much "Strategy" as it is "splaining."   

Thing Toyota is missing is the Electric Roadway.   But so are most of the intentional EV makers. 

That is going to chop EV costs in half-again.  

Hydrogen costs as much as Gasoline.   

And Toyota only did the Prius for the Corporate Clean-Air attainment requirements -- so they could build the more profitable large land-beasts.    And then the Prius took off due the Bush-War era Oil going over $100 per barrel.  

And the China "fossil" nonsense misses China is LEADING the world in both building and installing Renewables.  

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Both Japan and Great Britain are island nations, with relatively high population density, when compared to the USA.  Road trips by car tend to be shorter.  People are more accustomed to using trains for longer trips.  It's good to see that Japan in particular has reduced the carbon dioxide released from auto transportation in recent years.

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