And Now For Something Different: The Sunion Interview


Exclusive interview: 2022 predictions from The Sunion, cleantech’s answer to The Onion: 

"f you work in the renewable energy industry and you appreciate the humor of The Onion, I’ve got a special treat for you. It’s called The Sunion.
I know, I know; I had the same initial groan-like reaction. But it’s good, I promise!
The Sunion’s website describes itself as ​“a collaborative side project of a few industry folks who require humor and laughter to tolerate this strange, frustrating, wonderful industry.” It goes on: ​“This is done in the spirit of making fun of one’s self: Though some of the ideas may be spurred by observations of other industry folks’ silliness, the majority of the content is derived from our own past mistakes, absurd internal dialogue, or awful ideas quickly pivoted into satire.”
A few amusing headlines follow:
Guy Who Just Googled ​“Reactive Power” Now Condescendingly Explaining It to You
Reclaimed Conference Table PV: Solution to the Supply Chain Crisis?
Endangered Shrike Willing to ​“Work Things Out” for 6% of Project Equity"...........

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