NTREG Zoom Meeting Computer Generated Transcripts & Subtitles #poll-notice


NTREG is trying out Zoom's new computer generated subtitles & transcription option.

For an example, the one for our Oct. 2021 meeting, ""Not Just a Pretty Plan Sitting on the Shelf", Dallas Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan Year 2 update (and more) with Susan Alvarez, is available for viewing online or download from NTREG's G Drive:

This file is slightly modified by importing into Word, changing formatting, then saving as a docx file.

Where should we go from here?

The best use I've seen is one where you can pick a computer generated translation as an option for subtitles while watching a video (but I can't remember where to find an example).

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To participate informally, just reply to this email.

James Orenstein
Interim NTREG Member At Large


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