Eagles Have Returned!

Dan - NTREG Advisor

Did you know we have a solar-powered high-resolution streaming video camera installed at a bald eagle nest near Dallas?

The eagles returned to the nest Oct 3 for the 2021-2022 nesting season!

Eagles are at the nest most often early in the morning, but may be present any time of day or night.  They may sleep overnight, or perch off-camera on the tower.  Their vocalizations are often audible.

Want a bit of nature's drama?  A large great horned owl thinks he/she owns the nest and tries at night to drive the eagles away.  The camera has infrared capability, making the ensuing owl vs. eagle challenge visible in the dark.  (It's visible, just no color.)

Full information, including the entire history of the "Eagle Cam" plus a link to the streaming video is here:  Eagle Tower Website

The link to the streaming video is at the top right corner of any page.  Remember .. it's 100% solar powered!  (The system even survived the massive winter snow and ice storm of Feb 2021!)

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