Re: Oncor 2020 Solar Incentive Program Kickoff: Calculation Details

Dan - NTREG Advisor

Hello Robert,

Actually .. inverter output power tolerance is very tightly regulated, whether it's a microinverter .. or a very large inverter. 1% tolerance is a common value. Thus, a microinverter rated [say] 300 watts output will generate 300 watts, plus or minus 3 watts. This is the case regardless of the input power available to the inverter. Inverters won't generate more than their specified output. This is requirement in the Safety Standards all grid-interactive inverters are required to meet.

Oncor's incentive funds are released for a system after it's fully installed, and has been verified by Oncor as meeting all of their requirements. To that end, cities conduct an on-site inspection to confirm the system was built according to the plans submitted by the contractor for a building permit. In turn, Oncor conducts their own inspection to ensure the system is installed with solar panels in the direction(s), tilt, and quantity, as well as the make, model and quantity of inverter(s) shown in the plans the contractor provided to Oncor for the system to be eligible for incentive $.


On Monday, January 27, 2020, 8:47:00 AM CST, Robert <robert@...> wrote:

Hi Dan,


Good to know. I didn’t.

My guess is that the microinverters also have basically the same tolerances, 110-125% at design.


What I understand is that the incentives are paid out as the system is installed and producing. Applying later than February doesn’t mean it’s a no go, as long as the system is installed and approved before the money runs out. Is that a correct statement?





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