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Dan Lepinski, P.E.

A "delivery charge" (officially "Transmission and Distribution fee", or "T&D"), is exempt from being credited by the retail electric provider as part of a renewable buy-back plan. T&D costs are imposed by Oncor or other T&D utility (depending on your location), and are passed through from the T&D to your retail provider, who then sends them on to you. Oncor isn't allowed to generate or sell electricity. Consequently, they can't offer credit for something they don't provide.

On the brighter side, when electrical energy consumption decreases as a result of solar energy equipment and/or conservation measures, the T&D charge also goes down, so there is at least some indirect savings on the T&D fee in that respect.


On 10/4/21 9:09 AM, wrote:
Called Rhythm..their 1:1 plan has electricity price that is sadly around 6 cents more per kWh than their normal plans, which I think is in ballpark of GM or even more.  They do offer buyback in their regular plans but of only the energy charge, not the delivery charge.  I don’t know if Green Mountain even offers that.


On Oct 3, 2021 6:08 PM, Jim Cochran <> wrote:

yes and GM calls it their "New and Improved " plan.  I am going to switch over to Rhythm Energy though I wonder how many years they will keep the full net metering.

On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 3:41 PM Pat Magee < <>> wrote:

For those of us with GME:

It seems that GME has become greedy. Effective when my current contract
expires they are discontinuing credits above the level of consumption
meaning that a negative balance will no longer be allowed. Note in the
attachment the 2nd paragraph says "... however, that credit will be
capped at your monthly usage from the grid." Additionally they are
adding a $9.95 base charge I don't currently have.

The design of my solar rig was based on the fact I would get a 1-to-1
credit for my overage. I'm interested in hearing from those of you with
experience from other retail electric providers that do net metering
properly from the consumer's point of view.

My thanks,

Pat Magee

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