urgently needed advice for non-working Smart for 2 electric Fw: Bricked battery


Anyone interested and able to give someone with a problem with his electric car ideas and/or discuss it further with him? This is his only vehicle and he has limited resources.

Guy Cage has a Smart for 2 electric, which he bought used for around $9,000  (here's some limited info on it: http://renuuable.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Guys-EV-Testimonial.pdf) and he now needs help finding someone trustworthy to discuss affordable options to get his car going again. Anyone know good and reasonable electric car mechanics? He doesn't want to go back to an ICE car, and he'd like to get this fixed if he can afford it, but he's retired and has limited financial resources.

Molly Rooke

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Subject: Bricked battery

On Thursday I discovered that my HV battery was being discharged ehae it was parked. I charged it again on Friday planing to drive a ways on Sunday. On Saturday the HV battery was "'bricked." In just two days it went from okay to bricked. The Forum had stuff about the 12V battery causing this problem and I am hoping to find a technician who can help diagnose my car. I have a number for AutoScope and plan to call sthem on Monday

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