Re: Fw: CleanTX Webinar: 6 Months Later - The Texas Winter Storm & Energy Crisis: Webinar Sep 15 at 12 pm CDT

Dan Lepinski, P.E.


Please let us know if they recorded the session and send a link to you. I'll post the link on NTREG's website.



On 9/15/21 1:18 PM, Bill Byrom via wrote:
I just watched this webinar. The PUC and ERCOT are really ramped up with proposed rulemaking. Some of the rules (driven by new state laws) would require actions to be taken by Dec 31 of this year, so there is a big scramble for final rules to be issued and companies to plan fixes. The PUC will have a meeting concerning load considerations tomorrow and the Railroad Commission (oil and gas regulation) just issued some request for proposals yesterday about natural gas weatherization (if I understood that correctly), so the webinar presenters were saying that it's too bad their webinar wasn't scheduled for a few days later.

There are several weatherization issues:

* Generation
* Transmission
* Loads (home weatherization and load shedding by residential and commercial customers)

It seems that the generation weatherization issues are on the fast track at this time. At least that's how I understand the situation.

I could not see any mention of a recording of the webinar, so I sent them an email to see if we could get access to a link to a recording. The webinar discussed a lot of the rulemaking and political issues, such as directives from Governor Abbott and a strong resistance to interconnections with any national grids (which would triggre FERC regulation of Texas power).

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