Re: Super Capacitor verses Battery Bank

Joachim Saupe

Hello John,
Super Capacitors can be charged and discharged quickly with a LOT of current.
Batteries have to be charged more slowly with lower current and batteries also should be limited in it's discharge otherwise the life of a battery is drastically reduced.

For Solar systems there is no sense at this point in time to use Super Capacitors because you don't have these high charge and discharge currents.
Now in automobiles you want a fast charge and you also want to be able  to use a LOT of current for short acceleration bursts. In that application Super Capacitors make sense.


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On Monday, June 28, 2021, 11:58:58 AM CDT, JohnD. <john7damato@...> wrote:

1. Why would you use a super capacitor verses a battery bank? 

2. How do I detrrmine the size of the super caoacitor?

I am at the begining of the planning and trying to understand this concept. Do I use a super capacitor stand alone or with my batteries?

Thank you.


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