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Did you not a few days ago state that after ~20 years the nuclear waste can be handled with gloves?


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They are stored in a water tank to cool down.  STP had an Olympic size pool but was 45 ft deep as I recall.  They have removed the material and solidified it and its in concrete tanks now under a shed.  Wikipedia has a good article on this.  The reason we have so much spent fuel is the Jimmy Carter rule is still used which means mine it process it and it goes into a reactor, 5% is burned up and then removed as waste.  This is what goes into the long term storage and it does have actinides with million year half lives.  Processing can be used to clean this up and reuse the remaining fuel but reprocessing is not done under Carter’s rule because its possible to extract bomb making materials.  Problem is most other countries are doing reprocessing but not he US.  We never did get a world wide control on these processes but this is needed….Gene


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I would think that the spent fuel rods from nuclear reactors could be stored above ground, in a location that allows continuous inspection of the storage casks, and that the residual heat could be put to use.  I am not a fan of storing this material underground, or in a remote area, where no one can see it.


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And for action at the Texas Legislature: SB 1046 was apparently left pending in committee yesterday (3/25/21) after testimony including opposition from Public Citizen:
"Relating to the regulation of radioactive waste; reducing a surcharge; reducing a fee" 
Note: I don't know how to access the "sharepoint" link & don't have time to look for the link on TLO, but if anyone else wants to dig it up feel free: 

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So after four forwards and refs . . .  one can find the outline of the "plan."



Give money to a Private Contractor Corporation, and dump the waste on Native American Lands.



THAT is classic America.   Dear Lawd, hope China operates US better after the Bankruptcy.  



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One of the problems with nuclear energy in the U.S. is the storage of the waste products.

Some ideas on how to solve this issue...


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