Deadline Approaching

Dan - NTREG Advisor

The North Texas Renewable Energy Group is an all-volunteer organization. Each year, positions open on our Executive Board that allow our members and supporters to participate in decisions that guide our organization. We need nominations for the Board positions listed below. You may nominate yourself, others .. or both! (Nomination page link is at the bottom of this announcement.)

Common objections:

1. I don't have any experience.
Neither did any of our past or present Executive Board members.

2. I'm too busy.
Total time commitment is about two hours a month. One hour is the Board meeting just ahead of our monthly meeting.
The other hour is e-mail or an occasional conference call.
April is "Earth Month" (think "Earth Day"), where we staff booths at various events, so time is greater in April. You decide your level of involvement.

Open positions:
* Chair
* Treasurer
* Program Co-Coordinator (one of a two-person team)
* Membership Coordinator
* Volunteer Coordinator
* Member At Large

Position descriptions and an e-mail link for nominations can be found at this link on our website:


Dan Lepinski, P.E.
NTREG Advisor

P.S. Apologies to our members and friends who are signed up for Yahoo Groups and our new "". You'll get duplicates of this announcement.

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