Re: My city Councilman blamed ONCOR for problems Is that Fair?

Philip Timmons

This is complete nonsense, Gene. You have to know this.

How could they claim ZERO for Solar, when it was clearly producing EVERYDAY?

On Monday, March 8, 2021, 10:53:41 AM CST, Gene Preston <k5gp@...> wrote:

Its my understanding the ERCOT CEO contacted the PUC and asked to raise the price from $1200 to $9000 per MWh even though ERCOT could have left the price at that level and ordered all available generation on line according to Prof Ross Baldick.  Maybe in the heat of the battle Bill Magness forgot some of the protocol rules.  But there is a more ominous problem that we have to solve. 

Nuclear performed at 75% of capacity, gas at 54%, coal at 45%, wind at 3%, and solar at 0%.  If all the dependable sources of nuclear, gas, and coal were completely weatherized their combined output power is 67 GW.  The peak demand was expected to be 74 GW plus another 3 GW responsive reserve needed means ERCOT is dependent on wind and solar providing the remaining 10 GW.  Even under ideal wind and solar conditions wind and solar cannot be expected to provide this amount of dependable power.  So ERCOT would likely have had rolling blackouts even with total weatherization success.

This is a harder problem to solve than weatherization but we have to find a solution to this also.

Gene Preston

I got these numbers from this table a friend working on an op ed but the local paper in MD said it was too technical for the public.  I used total wind capacity rather than the firm capacity ERCOT used giving a smaller percentage.  Alex up there in MD is in the process of editing this article trying to dumb it down for the public.


On 3/8/2021 10:32 AM, Jack Smith via wrote:

How Texas renewable energy projects handled the Feb. storms. Strengths and weakness revealed during the crisis.

7 key trends from renewable energy's 2020 prices and some initial takeaways from Texas 2021 | Utility Dive


Judging from the insane price swings propagated by ERCOT and other systems regulators there are going to be some major changes coming.

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