Re: Brazos Electric Coop . . . next on block

Philip Timmons

Folks get bid-on and bid-off. Think of it like a minute-to-minute auction (15 minute blocks, iirc), so some folks would drop off and black-out when the price got too high. Brazos did not and rode the ship to the bottom.

On Monday, March 1, 2021, 10:20:15 AM CST, Eric Johnson <vaxaugustifolium@...> wrote:

You have to wonder exactly where this high priced "emergency power" came from.  It seems possible that power was being withheld, until the system began to fail, and customers started losing power.  And then, somehow, more power was found, but at a price.  Was Merlin involved?  Thor?  Perhaps Michael Faraday?  Barack Obama?  I am struggling to understand!

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